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Thanks a lot for your attention to PT/EXPO CHINA 2015! We warmly welcome all the ICT professionals and enthusiasts to enjoy the events. We believe that PT/EXPO CHINA 2015 will bring you much more amazing experience with the industry cutting edge technology, advanced idea of development, fashionable smart terminals as well as all the changes in our social life brought by the evolution of ICT technology. PT/EXPO CHINA 2015 will bring you impressive experience from the following aspects: mobile communications, internet, smart terminal, information security, IOT, cloud computing and big data, fiber communications, test, MVNO, integrated communications, artificial intelligence, etc.

Top companies with advanced technology will attend:

China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Satcom Large-Scale equipment manufacturers: Alcatel-lucent, China Potevio, Comba Telecom, Datang Telecom Group, Ericsson, FiberHome Technologies Group, Huawei, Raisecom, TD Industry Alliance, ZTE and other exhibitors will focus on the directions of convergent development, transmission and application of new technologies, industrial upgrading and innovation transformation, all of these will fully demonstrate the progress and achievements of broadband city, green communications, mobile internet and information security industry.

Smart Life & Top Show

Focus on internet start-ups and innovation, the speakers of Top Show are from areas includes technical, business and art, to serve start-ups and investors , and to push the healthy growth up of mobile internet & smart hardware.

Mobile Virtual Network Operators

Now there are 20 MVNOs have launched their mobile phone number in the 42 MVNOs who get the licences. Until Apr 15th, there are totally 4,700, 000 MVNO users. During the past 3 months, the increase of MVNO users has surpssed 1,000,000. Besides, data indicates that during January to February in 2015, the increased users of MVNO occupy 27% in the new increased mobile users, and it bring positive effect to the increase of mobile users. MVNOs will showcase there tailored service to us during PT/EXPO CHINA 2015.